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Achieving the highest yield and ROI potential possible in your crops means choosing top-performing products that make sense for your farm’s unique needs. See which solutions are right for you.

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Better Yield is the Better Deal

Get the most out of every acre and set your operation up for long-term success with products that outperform and outyield the competition. Explore products with proven yield bumps.

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Our industry-leading herbicide portfolio helps farmers effectively manage yield-robbing weeds.

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Our lineup of fungicides helps to prevent disease and stress and protect plant health, preserving crop yield and overall quality.

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Syngenta insecticides leverage the newest and most innovative technology on the market to control a broad spectrum of even the most damaging pests.

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Seed Treatments

For more than 30 years, we’ve developed innovative on-seed protection that enhances early plant development and helps crops emerge stronger.

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Clean Rows, Clear Results

Storen™ corn herbicide contains four residual ingredients to deliver weed control that won’t quit.

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Ace Your Yield Potential With Miravis Ace
Make the Most of Your Soybean Inputs

Save time, trips and money with the right fungicide-insecticide tank mix.

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A dart board featuring illustrations of different pests on each target section.

Minecto Pro insecticide

A broad-spectrum foliar insecticide, Minecto® Pro insecticide controls a wide range of lepidopteran pests and sucking insects in specialty and vegetable crops.

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Illustration of a soybean seedling with glowing roots.

CruiserMaxx APX seed treatment

CruiserMaxx® APX seed treatment delivers supercharged, broad-spectrum, early-season disease and insect protection to give soybean seedlings the strongest possible start from day one.

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