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ATTENTION: This information is provided for general information only. The information provided on these specimen labels may not reflect the current information, including precautions and instructions for use, that you are required to follow in your specific state or locality.

It is the responsibility of persons intending to use a pesticide to read and follow the label that has been approved for the particular state or locality in which the pesticide is to be used, and to comply with all federal, state, and local laws and regulations relating to the use of pesticides.

Before buying and using any pesticide, be sure it is registered for use in your state or locality.

Neither all products nor all versions of products are registered for use in all states. Before buying and using a product contact the lead regulatory pesticide agency within your specific state and/or locality. Please read the label prior to buying and using the product. The information contained within this Web site is not a substitute for the product label. Should you need additional information regarding California or any other state product labels please use the Field Representative Finder application within this Web site or contact the Syngenta Customer Resource Center at 866-796-4368 for accurate label use prior to buying and using the product.