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Corn Planting Rate Calculator

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Featured Corn Products


Agrisure® Traits: Offer best-in-class insect control, water optimization and herbicide tolerance

Enogen® Corn Enzyme Technology: Enhances ethanol production

Golden Harvest® Corn: Combines advanced genetics and traits with the local agronomic know-how of a Golden Harvest Seed Advisor for top-of-the-line yield potential

NK® Corn: Features high-tech seed with the integrated know-how of a crop retailer to maximize return on every acre

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Force® Evo: Force® Evo insecticide offers the most effective corn rootworm control in an enhanced liquid formulation that's convenient and easy to use

Force® 6.5g: Force® 6.5g insecticide features a high-load granular formulation to give you proven corn rootworm control with fewer stops to refill

Seed Treatments

Avicta® Complete Corn with Vibrance®: Provides triple protection against nematodes, insects and diseases with best in class rhizoctonia control

CruiserMaxx Corn® with Vibrance®: Protects against seedborne and soilborne diseases and early-season insects, leading to increased plant stand, uniformity, vigor and yield

Vayantis®: Vayantis® delivers a novel mode of action with no cross-resistance to existing oomycete chemistries and represents the most powerful compound ever created to protect corn seedlings from Pythium


Miravis® Neo: Formulated with three powerful active ingredients, Miravis® Neo corn and soybean fungicide sets the standard in its class for broad-spectrum disease control and plant-health benefits

Quilt Xcel®: Delivering disease control uniformly throughout the plant, Quilt Xcel® fungicide helps plants withstand wet conditions with stronger, deeper roots

Trivapro®: The hardest-working, longest-lasting corn and wheat fungicide with preventive and curative control of rusts, leaf spots and blights


Acuron®: Unlocks 5-15 more bushels per acre than any other herbicide

Acuron® Flexi: Defeats tough weeds with added flexibility

Acuron® GT: Ultimate post-emergence plus residual weed control in corn